Ray Webb began working in commercial masonry in 1987 with Union – Local 35 located in Philadelphia, PA. The work consisted of high-rise and industrial buildings in need of masonry restoration and sealing. He worked his way from apprentice to full journeyman within a few short years.

When the economy began to slow in 1992, he started soliciting work on his own. He worked for himself for a year and hired his first employee shortly thereafter. Ray will always tell you he never at any given time wanted to own his own business and had always hoped to be called back to the union doing commercial work for a large contractor. Even after many opportunities to return to the union, great satisfaction came from having control of an operation that was not only helping people solve water problems but guaranteeing his own employment as well.

Ray Webb Inc. began specializing in different types of water penetration problems which included brick pointing, stone pointing and waterproofing. They had worked on homes for many years and then graduated to working for reputable management companies, general contractors, and major commercial work.


Fully Licensed in Pennsylvania, and permits in other areas accessible. There is a licensed public adjustment representation on staff. We carry full workers compensation & business liability up to $1,000,000 on each policy.


Brick pointing

Stone pointing


Water Management
Systems installed

Large Scale Concrete
and Restoration

Residential Commercial
and Industrial




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